Aljezur Surf School

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Aljezur Surf School offer classes for beginners, novices, and intermediates and if professional surfers want to join us, they are welcome to do as well!

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The Aljezur trademark is growing bigger as each day goes by, We hope that you think about visiting us here in Algarve, to surf the Aljezur waves.

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Aljezur Villas is the most experienced surf accommodation offer you can find near Arrifana Beach, Aljezur.

A Warm Welcome to All Surfers from Around the World!

Aljezur Surf School

Classes are available all year, all the surfers with all different levels of experience, like beginners, intermediates or professionals are welcome to join us.
The surf class plans change depending on the skill levels of the surfers. The wave conditions also play and important role in which classes are going to be held for a particular day. A beginning surfer would certainly not ride the waves like a professional surfer and we at Aljezur Surf only schedule classes according to the turbulence of the waves. The wave and weather conditions for the next day are checked daily by our professional surfing instructors, thus ensuring your safety and enjoyment. We choose a surfing location between Arrifana Beach, Monte Clérigo Beach, and Amoreira Beach.
All of our surfing instructors are recognized by the Portuguese Surf Federation as safe and qualified to teach others about the sport of surfing. We are also experts in bay watching that ensures your safety while in and about out on the water. We, at Aljezur Surf guarantee your safety and enjoyment, when you choose to surf with us!

Surf Lessons

A perfect and affordable way to learn

Surf Lessons are the more common and the most affordable way to learn how to surf or improve your surfing technique. We have all levels: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced!
Aljezur Surf School
  • Aljezur Surf School

    Surf Lesson

    Half Day

    from 40€ / person
  • Aljezur Surf School

    Private Lesson

    from 130€ / person
Low Season High Season
1 October - 31 May 1 June - 30 September
Half day 40 € 45 €
Full day 50 € 55 €
3 days 140 € 150 €
5 days 220 € 225 €
Private 130 € 150 €

Surf Rentals

Quality surf services

Rentals of surfboards in all shapes and sizes and Wetsuits.
Half Day Full Day
Soft Board 15 € 25 €
Hard Board 25 € 35 €
Wetsuit 7,5 € 10 €
  • Aljezur Surf School

    Soft Board Rental

    Half Day

    from 15€ / person
  • Aljezur Surf School

    Hard Board Rental

    Half Day

    from 25€ / person

Surf Packages

To have a great stay and learning

Surf Week Holidays at Surf Hostel!

Includes 7/5 nights accommodation  and 5/3 days surf lessons, plus 1 day surf equipment rental absolutely free for your enjoyment.


Facilities included:

Aljezur Surf School
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7 Nights / 5 Days surf 5 Nights / 3 Days surf
Double Room w/ WC 475€ / person 365€ / person
Shared Room w/ WC 4 pax 375€ / person 265€ / person
7 Nights / 5 Days surf 5 Nights / 3 Days surf
Double Room w/ WC 545€ / person 435€ / person
Shared Room w/ WC 4 pax 445€ / person 335€ / person
7 Nights / 5 Days surf 5 Nights / 3 Days surf
Double Room w/ WC 475€ / person 365€ / person
Shared Room w/ WC 4 pax 375€ / person 265€ / person
7 Nights / 5 Days surf 5 Nights / 3 Days surf
Private Room w/ WC 410€ 300€
Double Room w/ WC 405€ / person 295€ / person
Shared Room w/ WC 4 pax 305€ / person 195€ / person

Pickup and Transport

You will be picked up by our teachers with one of our vans, between 9:00am and 10:00am (depending on where you are located).

At the office / shop (Aljezur Surf Spot), the pick up time is at around 9:30am. On the beach, classes usually take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. During this time, you will have access to all necessary equipment without being charged.

We also offer fun activities on the beach, (beach games) and, if you prefer, we can provide you with a relaxing massage after you finish your lesson.

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us.

In this time of uncertainty with the progression of the outbreak, stay at home, thanks!